Start With Intervention Associates

Intervention Associates, PLLC, works with clients to achieve individual and family healing from trauma, loss, and illness, such as addictions to drugs and alcohol. As human beings, we long for connection and cannot tolerate aloneness and hopelessness. If we understand what is occurring within the context of relationships, we can move forward in identifying what needs to change to resolve the issue, allowing the individual and the family to grow and achieve their highest potential.

Intervention Associates specializes in intervening on substance abuse and addiction. Placing emphasis on loving support for the addicted individual and preservation of his or her dignity, Structured Family Intervention, led by our certified interventionist, provides guidance for families who are ready to support a loved one needing treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction.

With the tested methods of Structured Family Recovery™, family and friends discover ways to support the addict’s recovery after treatment and achieve successful long-term healing. Also, the process gives family members the tools to begin their own healing from the effects of their loved one’s addiction.

“Intervention Associates, PLLC is committed to treating the family disease of addiction where the welfare of the family comes first and will no longer suffer at the expense of the addiction.”

– Tamara James, MS, LMFT, CIP