Partnering with the Community

Tamara James is dedicated to healing the devastation caused by addictions in the lives of individuals and their families. In 2014, she implemented the Family Education Program at the Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor (WARM) in Henderson, KY. This program provides the clients and their family members education on the disease of addiction and provides resources they need to address addiction in the family so they may begin their own process of personal recovery. Tamara regularly volunteers at the Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor to facilitate this program and spread the message of hope that recovery is possible.

In addition, Intervention Associates is committed to working with community organizations in raising awareness and implementing treatment for addiction to help alleviate the chronic problems of addiction that affect the community. Through ongoing awareness and other active participation, Intervention Associates hopes to help move the community toward healing:

  • Work with local clinicians who have patients needing assistance with intervention
  • Educate community on addiction through free workshops
    • Workshops at areas schools
    • Workshops at area hospitals
    • Workshops at area businesses
    • Workshops at area churches or places of worship
  • Educate community on available resources through recovery oriented events
  • Bring together treatment providers to share services with community.